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Our Guruji Shri Vivek Panchtatwa is world renowned Astrologer and Vastu Consultant and he teach both subjects also

First of its kind FDA (FIVE DIMENSIONAL APPROACH OF LIFE) Therapist in world, Astro and Vastu Santist, clinical Hypnotherapist NLP Trainer, PLR therapist, Reiki Master Energy Healer Distant Healer, Children and Parenting Counselling, Carrier Counselling, Marriage and Relationship Counselling, Public Speaker, Soft Skill Trainings, Teaching Astro Vastu Hypnosis NLP Reiki Teach Meditation More Than 50 Ways, Vadic Solution Provider Using Vadic processes , Medical Astrologer, De Addiction Counsellor, FDA Therapist

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Contact Neha 8595237067


I am a Vadic solutions practitioner using FDA which means five dimensional approach of life. I am a clinical hypnotherapist, PLR and NLP Trainer, Master Reiki and distant healer, Marriage and Educational counsellor, Teacher and Trainer for all related subjects and also teaches meditation more than 50 ways. I also heal people through theta level mental massaging to DNA. I want pure humanity in all and I can give what I have said. Life gives challenging ways and Vedas make them smooth
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