King Of My Soul And Slave Of My Body

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Looking at my own reflection, I wondered; will I ever be able to perceive happiness?
Honestly, I didn’t like heartaches. I didn’t adore the face look alike a winter-night moon.
I wanted to be like the sun.
I wanted to be bright, burn, make everyone’s eyes cringe.
I seemed serene, cooling down each of the sand particle.
Hardly anyone knew,
Sun was embraced in my burning soul and moon was my guard – cooling down my each cell.


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I am a Vadic solutions practitioner using FDA which means five dimensional approach of life. I am a clinical hypnotherapist, PLR and NLP Trainer, Master Reiki and distant healer, Marriage and Educational counsellor, Teacher and Trainer for all related subjects and also teaches meditation more than 50 ways. I also heal people through theta level mental massaging to DNA. I want pure humanity in all and I can give what I have said. Life gives challenging ways and Vedas make them smooth
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